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MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair is a wonderful venue to showcase the current offer of Polish and foreign furniture producers, and present trends and new technologies. Furniture buyers, designers, interior architects and sales specialists are all invited to the fair.


Furniture without boundaries

Meble Polska Fair - the largest furniture contracting event in Central and Eastern Europe - attracts each year crowds of traders from around the world interested in buying Polish furniture. After introducing significant changes to the event formula, the meeting has once again become a genuine feast of furniture industry professionals and a fixed position in their calendars. This applies not only to Polish guests, but also to thousands of furniture distributors from abroad who perceive MEBLE POLSKA as a display window presenting great potential of the third-European and fourth-globally largest furniture exporter. According to the registration data edition 2017 was attended by 24,226 people, including as many as 21,168 professional visitors, which means an increase by 4.2 percent as compared to 2016.

The 2018 edition, held on March 6-9, confirmed the exceptional role of this event as one of the most effective tools to promote the exports of Polish furniture production. Increasingly often, the Furniture Fair in Poznań is listed in the elite group of the most important furniture industry trade fairs in Europe.

Wholesale distributors of furniture and representatives of furniture store networks from 53 countries became acquainted with the offer of the exhibitors of MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair 2017, and visitors from abroad amounted to 33 percent of all participants. Such a large presence of foreign traders at the Fair in Poznań is the result of several years of intensive promotion and information campaign conducted by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in key markets for the export of Polish furniture. It is also the effect of the changes in the Fair formula initiated in 2010, and since that time MEBLE POLSKA have started to have a strictly business, contracting nature.

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