Participants about MEBLE POLSKA

Mousheerl Maharaullee
TFP International, Mauritius

Sascha Tapken
Editor-in-Chief "Moebel Kultur", Germany

Dieter Hilpert
Director of Bega-Gruppe, Germany

"I visit the furniture fair in Poznań from its very beginning in fact - I have been here every year for 30 years. The MEBLEPOLSKA Furniture Fair in recent years has made incredible progress. Today it can compete with any trade fair in Western Europe, being a presentation of top class Polish furniture industry. This applies to virtually everything that is important to trade fair visitors: the presentation of the exhibition stands is of an absolute international level, the presentation of furniture at the stands is impeccable, and in the meantime the furniture itself has reached such a level of quality and design that it can compete with any product from Western Europe."

Gerald Schultheiss
Editor-in-chief of the "Moebelmarkt" magazine, Germany

"The Meble Polska Fair has developed in an extraordinary way in recent years. The number of furniture traders here is much larger than in the previous years, and a lot of visitors came from abroad. In Poznań, crème de la crème of German furniture trade and industry is present. All large buying groups and furniture store chains from Germany are represented, such as Begros, Lutz, Porta, Roller, VME Group, EMV Group. Also Austrian trade representatives are present in great number. We may find here Kika/Leiner, there are online retailers such as Home24. Phenomenal business is made at the Fair. I spoke with the representatives of many companies who agree that the Fair in Poznań is absolutely great. It is the result of a wave of good consumer sentiment in Germany and across Europe, but also the fact that many traders in Europe and Germany think how to buy more in Europe again instead of in the Far East."

Petar Enchev
International Sales Representative of Genomax, Bulgaria

"We are one of the largest furniture wholesalers in Bulgaria, we cooperate with a group of 600 distributors in nine countries. I would like to congratulate the organizers of the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair on their success. We have been the guests of many trade fairs, for example in Germany, Turkey and Italy, but we are very impressed with this event. One may get acquainted here with the offer of the largest manufacturers from Poland and this part of Europe. Very innovative, interesting ideas, good companies - we assess the Fair very positively. We would like to thank the organizers for the invitation."

Jan Szynaka
President of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers

"Today, Poznań has become very open to Europe. The importance of the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair is growing, which can be easily observed on the basis of the increasing number of visitors and exhibitors. Today we have here a meeting of all major commercial corporations from all over Europe, and even from the entire world. Without a doubt, the Fair delivers positive results to the exhibitors. Here in Poznań, we have good partners in the Fair organizers. For those who organize the event, it is not just work, but a passion."


Wiesław Kalinowski
Commercial Director, KMK Kolekcja Mebli, Poland

"The MEBLE POLSKA Fair is very important to me. I am glad that this event is catching up with reputable foreign trade fairs. The work done by the organizers can clearly be seen. A half of transactions in Poznań is concluded with new customers, with foreign companies, whose representatives arrive here in large numbers."


Sławomir Kalka
Export Director, KLER, Poland

"I rate the 2016 edition very highly. Beautiful stands, beautiful furniture and crowds of people who came to see the furniture and buy some. The service delivered by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is of really high quality, and working here for us is very comfortable. At present, it is the only significant fair in Poland. All of our customers, both current and those that we would like to establish the cooperation with in the future, know that if they want to see furniture, they have to come here, because here they will see all the leading brands."

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