Summary of MEBLE POLSKA 2018

Furniture traders from 59 countries at the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair 2018

11 halls with the surface area of 62,000 square metres were occupied by the largest interior design sector exhibition event in Central and Eastern Europe, held in Poznań from 6 to 9 March 2018. The Meble Polska, Home Decor and arena DESIGN block of fairs was attended by 23,609 people, including 20,885 professional visitors from 59 countries.



Traders from all over the world

- The international furniture contracting event in Poznań was attended by the representatives of major purchasing groups and retailers from around the world – says the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair Director, Józef Szyszka. - The Fairs exhibitors unanimously emphasized the high quality of the visitors' profile and they especially stressed the large presence of key traders offering the largest purchasing budgets - he adds. The share of visitors from abroad amounted to 34 percent. The most numerous group among foreign traders were the representatives of Germany (14.6 percent). The second position was taken by the Czechs (7.6 percent), who this year were ahead of the traders from the UK (7.5 percent). After a year of decline in the number of visitors from Ukraine, which was caused by the unstable political situation in our eastern neighbour's country, the number of visitors from Ukraine again increased significantly. Ukrainians were the fourth largest group of visitors from abroad (6.3 percent.). Very large, even sudden increase in the number of visitors was recorded in Poznań also among the guests from Russia (a threefold increase!), Romania, Belarus, Israel, Bulgaria, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, China and the United States. The group of attendees also included the representatives of many exotic new markets, such as Bahrain, Guatemala, South Korea, Lebanon, Iraq, Japan and Kuwait.


Global furniture store

The largest surface area in the exhibition halls was occupied by the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair, being the most comprehensive presentation of the export offer of Polish furniture industry in the world. Eight years after changing the formula of the event into a strictly business one, the Furniture Fair in Poznań belongs to the group of the most important industry meetings in Europe. New products were presented by all major Polish furniture manufacturers interested in finding new business contacts outside Poland.

The offer of this year's Furniture Fair in Poznań was very diverse. In addition to furniture made of chipboard, on the stands one could also see many interesting collections of solid wood and other premium class furniture. Many gems of design were presented among upholstered furniture. The Fair offer was complemented by an extensive range of mattresses. A part of the exhibition was presented in enclosed space (i.e. secret rooms) available to key traders. The Meble Polska Furniture Fair exhibition was enriched by an interesting programme of accompanying events. A series of seminars for the furniture industry representatives was prepared by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers. During the seminars it was possible to learn e.g. how to hire the best customer assistants in a furniture store and how to train and motivate them effectively, how to increase furniture store customer loyalty, and how to calculate and settle the costs per furniture enterprise products and customers properly. The seminars also concerned e.g. the possibilities of carrying out production in the US, changes in furniture standards and modern technologies in networking.

MTP Gold Medal

On the first day of the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair 2018, during an official gala event, the MTP Gold Medals for the best products presented at the Fair were awarded. This year, the competition jury honoured 15 products with this prestigious award:

  • CUREM.EXE - HILDING ANDERS POLAND Sp. z o.o., Murowana Goślina
  • CUREM.ZIP - HILDING ANDERS POLAND Sp. z o.o., Murowana Goślina
  • MOLINA – Fabryka Mebli „WERSAL” Kaczorowscy Sp.j., Baranów
  • SIT chair - DREWSYSTEM PPU Skorupski-Wójcik Sp.j., Wielopole Skrzyńskie
  • SPOLETO - MEBLOMAK Sp. z o.o., Rumia
  • PAQUBED - Maform Kft, Hungary, submitted by: HOME CONCEPT Sp. z o.o., Elbląg
  • CESAR - "POLDEM" Sp. z o.o., Grupa POLDEM Łódź
  • RIVIERA - "POLDEM" Sp. z o.o., Grupa POLDEM Łódź
  • ASPEN - Fabryka Mebli TARANKO Aleksander Taranko, Morąg
  • BROLO - MEBLE WÓJCIK Sp. z o.o., Elbląg
  • MAGNUM - HOME CONCEPT Sp. z o.o., Elbląg
  • VALENTIA kitchen furniture - Stolarstwo Usługi Meblowo Budowlane Adrian Halupczok (brand: Halupczok Kuchnie i ętrza), Krzyżowa Dolina
  • RAUMA - BLACK RED WHITE S.A., Biłgoraj
  • VIA - Fabryka Mebli TARANKO Aleksander Taranko, Morąg
  • MONACO - Fabryka Mebli TARANKO Aleksander Taranko, Morąg

Trends at HOME DECOR

Another very successful edition of the HOME DECOR Fair was an opportunity for traders and designers from Poland and abroad to find interior design inspiration. This year's exhibition was not only larger than in the previous years, but also the quality of the offer presented on the stands was significantly increased. Some very promising decoration product brands had their Polish premiere in Poznań, and judging by the positive reactions among the visitors, the brands should quickly settle in Polish market. The number of prestigious lighting brands presenting their products at the Fair was especially large this year. There were also exhibitors offering kitchen and bathroom equipment and fittings. In addition, current collections for the next season were presented by textile manufacturers.

A compact overview of the latest trends in interior design and an extensive source of inspiration was the Bloggers Zone prepared for the fifth time already by bloggers specializing in interior design. The arrangement of the Bloggers Zone was prepared on the basis of furniture offered by the exhibitors of the Meble Polska Furniture Fair, complemented by the decorations by companies presenting their product ranges at the Home Decor and Arena Design Fairs. The workshop entitled "Building the Atmosphere with the Smell" prepared by Marta Siembab, Poland's only senselier - professional smell expert, was an absolutely new element of the event.


A decade with design in Poznań

When organizing arena DESIGN for the first time in 2009, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie had a ready-made idea for an event which would be aimed at manufacturers, interior architects, and designers, as well as artistic and technical university students. - From the very beginning of its existence, arena DESIGN has been emphasizing its business character. It has always been a response to the needs of manufacturers who are more and more aware of the necessity to cooperate with designers. This year, exceptional guests talked about their experience in this area. On the first day, it was the duo Patrice Bert and Christian Werner working for the excellent brand Ligne Roset. On the second day of the event, this issue was discussed further by Job Smeets and Luza Mazza from the Slamp company - says Małgorzata Czubak, arena DESIGN Project Director.

The leitmotif of the anniversary edition of arena DESIGN were GENERATIONS. Also the programme of events was built around this theme. Therefore, a lot of was said about designing with the elderly in mind, but also about how to use vision and creativity of young people in the design process.


Love the original

Special exhibitions also became an important element of the Fair - ?WE #loveOriginals, VIVA light, Start-Design!-Up, and the TOP DESIGN competition. The first of the exhibitions was an initiative of the #loveOriginal association, and it was organized in Poland for the very first time. Its objective was to present the icons of design and highlight their own identity. - Our dream is a world without fakes. Our exhibition was to convince the consumers how important it is to respect the creator – explains the President of the #loveOriginal association, Berenike Milkowska-Milbrodt. At the VIVA light exhibition, the surface area of which grows from year to year, one could see e.g. lamps - light totems designed by the special guest, Job Smeets, for the Slamp brand. Also start-ups, who treat design as an element of building their competitive advantage in the market, had an interesting stand that enjoyed considerable interest. At the TOP DESIGN exhibition, in turn, one could see the products awarded by the Jury the TOP DESIGN award 2018. This year, the award was received by 9 products representing 7 different thematic categories.



The next edition of the fair MEBLE POLSKA, HOME DECOR and arena DESIGN fair block will be held in Poznań on 12-15 March 2019.


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