arena DESIGN with Ligne Roset brand!

It has been 10 years since the Poznań International Fair organized the arena DESIGN for the first time. Participants loved the event for its various elements - including meetings with world-renowned designers. The inaugural jubilee edition will be conducted by a unique duo: Patrice Bert and Christian Werner. Both cooperate with the LIGNE ROSET brand.

arena DESIGN has become the tradition of meetings with famous, world-renowned designers who shared knowledge, talked about their inspirations, unusual ideas, passion for design, but also about the problems they faced in a collision with a producer or consumer. So far, lectures in Poznań have been conducted by: representatives of Doshi Levien studio, Inga Sempé, Edward Barber from studio Barber & Osgerby, Brodie Neill, Sander Mulder, project group FRONT DESIGN - Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren, Francois Azambourg, Karim Rashid, Werner Aisslinger.

- So far, we have heard a lot about the cooperation of designers and producers. At the tenth edition, we wanted to change a bit the formula of the inaugural lecture. We decided that the subject of cooperation between both environments: design and business should be taken up by the representative of the producers and the designer - both representing the same brand. Their joint lecture will fully reflect the nature of the business relationship that links both parties - says Małgorzata Czubak, director of the arena DESIGN project.


150 years of experience

The organizers in cooperation with Galeria Wnętrza invited representatives of the LIGNE ROSET brand to Poznań - a family-owned company with 150 years of experience, passed down from generation to generation, which works with the most talented and award-winning designers.

The origins of the LIGNE ROSET brand are associated with the opening of a handicraft factory in Montagnieu, in the province of Ain in France. The company started its activity from the production of wooden umbrellas, walking sticks and chair frames. In the 1950s, the catalog also added furniture, the first designs by Pierre Poulin: tables, chairs, beds made for commercial use, but also for institutions - including schools, universities, hospitals and retirement homes. The 1960s and 1970s marked the intense development of the company thanks to cooperation with interior architects and designers. The first Ligne Roset brand opened in 1973 with the premiere of TOGO sofa by Michel Ducaroy - a discovery and new design concept idea, which today is an icon of design. Currently, Ligne Roset has over 200 stores around the world and 750 retail distributors, in dozens of countries - also in Poland. - The Ligne Roset brand is constantly evolving and looking for new challenges. Her products are characterized by high quality care. These are models that impress with their form, fit into any space, proposing a comprehensive arrangement with decorative elements and creating a unique "le style de vie" - says Konstanty Jeżewski, the owner of Galeria Wnętrza, one of the showrooms cooperating with this brand in Poland for the longest time.

In the catalog of designers with whom the brand has worked so far, one can find, among others, Pascala Mourgue, Peter Maly, Ingę Sempé Eric Jourdan, Anne Hieronimus, Philippe Nigro, Jean Nouvelle and brothers R & E. Bouroullec.

In Poznań, Patrice Bert and Christian Werner will talk about the connections between Ligne Roset and the designers. The former is the CEO of Roset Moebel Gmbh, a long-time co-worker and co-creator of the brand, associated with the company since the 1970s, who is currently responsible for the development of Central and Eastern European markets. Christian Werner is a German designer who in cooperation with Ligne Roset created such projects as ANNA bed, PRADO sofa or SITAR lamp.


- We are pleased that the brand recognized worldwide has accepted the invitation to Poznań. On the one hand, the brand's experience can be valuable knowledge for other producers who have not yet invested in cooperation with designers, and on the other hand the choice of the guest perfectly fits the leitmotif of the jubilee edition, because who better to talk about the value of generational relations than a representative of the Roset family , in which the passion for design lasts for 150 years - says Małgorzata Czubak.

On 6-9 March 2018, at the DESIGN arena in Pavilion 5, the exhibition of the most famous, award-winning (Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award, Good Design Award, Wallpaper Design Award, Interior Innovation Award will be available at the Poznań International Fair ) projects of this French brand.


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